Bringing you the Authorization to Carry course and others specially designed for AGs.

Our AG Training Services

It’s required for employment in any armed guard or armed security position.

We provide our absolute best instructors for this course, because of the inherent skill required to operate a firearm in today’s threat environment.

No other commercial service in Canada uses these authentic, custom-built simulated firearms!

Our firearms are not air-soft guns, replicas or inert plastic toys – they’re real service weapons converted for this training purpose.

You must possess a Restricted and Non-Restricted Firearms license to take this course. If you require a license, please see our Register page for the next course dates.

This course is designed for a new hire to an Armed Guard company. It’s a 5-day course in accordance with the Chief Firearms Office’s ATC (Authorization to Carry) program.

This is a provincially accredited course, which comprises two days of class instruction via power point presentation, class discussion and hands-on practical training. Students should expect to prepare for a written exam with a mandatory 90% pass. Coached and professionally instructed range practices will consist of the last 3-days of course, with a combination of dry practice, live fire drills and discussion.

At the end of the course, each candidate needs to pass the Pistol Course of Fire.

After you get your ATC, you must re-qualify every year in order to retain the authorization. The course objectives are:

  1. Meet the requirements of the CFO;
  2. Know and understand the legal aspects in the use of lethal force;
  3. Develop and maintain the situational awareness and mindset to stay safe and go home at the end of your shift.