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Our Military Training Services

Services are provided at a fixed cost, which means no matter how many iterations or rounds on target you want to do, it’s the same cost to the unit! This encourages teams to practice their work more freely – and that’s what we’re all about. 

Plus, it’s 100% safe, which means no liability concerns about actors over-acting a scenario, or deviating from the script: it’s a dedicated set of possibilities chosen by you, depending on your training needs.

We also seek out realistic spaces where you might need to respond to a call and rent them out for training, putting the simulators’ “anywhere, anytime” capability to work. 

Chimera Firearms Training - Toronto Firing/Shooting Range for Professionals

Want to practice defensive operations in your own armouries? No problem. We do the leg work so you can focus on training in the environment you work in.

So why virtual training? We believe live training is necessary, but so is dry practice. Virtual ranges are essentially a super-enhanced dry fire practice, combining solid fundamentals practice with a realistic recoil and target effect.