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"I wasn’t sure what I would learn from Taylor, having been a shooter for over 20 years. I was learning within the first 10 minutes and kept learning all day. Taylor and Joe are knowledgeable, friendly and focused trainers, ensuring the mix of novices and experienced shooters were learning all the time. My fellow students were also amazing and I look forward to Pistol 2! Amazing experience. Thanks guys!"


"It gave us a good idea as to what - in terms of technology - is available. It's good for us to see that even without a live range, we can still use our weapons and work on precision, work on the gun abilities and you know, daily stuff that we don't have a chance to do on a regular basis. It keeps us in tune with our weapons on every day, if you have an area and you have this type of program, we saw that you can program scenarios and further your skills and be able to monitor how you're developing and see interactively right away what's going on. It's a good feedback and it's a good tool that helps us to progress in our abilities."

Chimera Firearms Training - Toronto Firing/Shooting Range for Professionals


"It's been a great pleasure to work with Taylor as he was head of the training cadre for a specialized security team. His military background, experience and knowledge of weapon handling were all great assets and permitted the formation of highly trained professionals. Many whom are now deployed on a regular basis."

Chimera Firearms Training - Toronto Firing/Shooting Range for Professionals


"When you have a predefined scenario and you know, you can practice your communication skills - who does what, who's placing where - and obviously you're in the safety of knowing that the type of weapons that you're using, you can make mistakes and learn from them without being in a dangerous situation. So you can practice with your officers and have them even go even through a hands-on (if you have somebody come in on the scenario, even though it's going on on the screen) you can introduce a live person and have them complete the scenario, whether it be even with a taser, you saw - we integrated tasers and things like that - are hand to hand and follow through all the way to the end. It's got good opportunities to expand our scenarios and go full out in our training."