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Use code “LE2018” at checkout if you’re military, law enforcement or a first responder with valid ID for 10% off any course. 

We design solutions to meet your needs: whether you need a live or virtual solution, we can provide a comprehensive program to meet and exceed your expectations.

We’re a complete service provider – we bring the firearms simulator to your location, set it up and run it to your requirements!

Our team offers classes for every level of armed professional. All of our instructors are military and police veterans, who’ve trained professionals of all experience grades and who are eager to share their knowledge with you.

Chimera Firearms Training - Toronto Firing/Shooting Range for Professionals

Providing instruction and support in live and simulated environments, we firmly believe the best solution is a hybrid between these two options.

Please note that all of our simulated firearms are wireless, which opens up the ability to move with your firearm – in any direction, within 35ft of the screen (to keep the signal to the computer connected).