We're looking for the right people to join our team of high energy, passionate instructors and support staff, who'll be a key part of the great adventure of training armed professionals in Canada.

Please send your resume and cover letter embedded into an email to (kindly don't submit an email with any attachments).

A minimum of two references are required. All applicants will undergo a practical interview to ensure a good fit.

Chimera Firearms Training - Toronto Firing/Shooting Range for Professionals

We value integrity and knowledge – but above all, a passion for learning and sharing knowledge with others. Our team must be flexible and robust in their mindset, and eager to learn new and related skills. As a start-up, we’re still small and must be able to work as a team to accomplish all of our missions.

Chimera Firearms Training - Toronto Firing/Shooting Range for Professionals

• Teach basic marksmanship habits, coaching and correct safety concerns.
• Setup, operate and maintain simulated training environments.
• Continuously learn about teaching a variety of firearms, handling and marksmanship habits supported by the company – and pass on your knowledge to the team.


To include:

• Provide/support firearms coaching, training and simulation technology.
• Build a wide network of professional clients, acquiring and serving those clients with distinction and pride.
• Develop a high degree of technical and practical knowledge in the application of simulation technology to firearms training, as well as live firearms training.


Starting at $20/hour, we're happy to also include incidentals and travel expenses when required.

It's possible that it may be necessary to travel within Ontario for a few days at a time. Compensation commensurate with experience, and might come with a commission where applicable.

This is part-time work with the potential to become a full-time career. The work is to be done primarily in Toronto and the surrounding area, with a majority in person with our clients or team. A work vehicle will be provided when necessary.

Chimera Firearms Training - Toronto Firing/Shooting Range for Professionals

This position entails working consistently on a schedule of approximately two to four 8-hour shifts per week to start, planning ahead at least a month to prepare the shift schedule with the rest of the team. Typical operating hours are 2pm -10pm or 6pm to midnight and could be any day of the week.

Chimera Firearms Training - Toronto Firing/Shooting Range for Professionals


• Canadian Armed Forces or police veterans, or other emergency services backgrounds.
• Firearms instruction experience.
• Possession and Acquisition License holder in Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearms.
• 4+ years of experience handling firearms in a professional capacity.
• Experience employing Meggitt Training Systems simulators or similar is an asset.
• Use of Force training or qualifications.
• Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality programming experience or extensive use.
• Government of Canada Security Clearance Reliable or better.
• High level of physical fitness and mental toughness.



• Passion for firearms training and simulation technology as well as Virtual/Augmented Reality.
• A high degree of integrity, drive and discipline.
• Excellent communication and time management skills.
• Minimum 4 years of experience training, leading or managing teams in high risk/stress environments.
• License to acquire/possess firearms (or willing to get a firearms license if you don’t have one).
• Valid driver’s license.
• Basic proficiency and understanding of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).