Protecting the protectors.


Simulated firearms training is essentially the closest you can get to live fire on a regular gun range. In order to maintain exactly the realism you need to train right, we use real firearms irreversibly converted to fire a laser. Our clients operate these custom-built premium tools in the same way you would a normal firearm; including changing magazines, feeling the recoil with each shot, and operating the mechanical features in the same way.

No other commercial service in Canada uses these authentic, custom-built simulated firearms – we’re the first!

Our firearms are not air-soft guns, replicas or inert plastic toys – they’re real service weapons converted for this training purpose. Please note, unless otherwise indicated, no live (can fire a projectile) firearms or ammunition will be brought by anyone onto our facilities. Learn more here.

No, CFT courses and services are not open to the general public and are exclusively designed for our law enforcement community. For civilian courses open to the public, head on over to the Firearms Experience Canada (FexCan) website.

Anyone from the law enforcement community can participate, as long as they have a clear and sober head and understand we treat our firearms as though they’re real. This means we don’t tolerate people pointing the firearms at other people in jest or otherwise. See our Code of Conduct if in doubt.

No, you don’t require a gun license to shoot any of our firearms. We simulate a real, immersive environment through the use of virtual simulation, with real firearms irreversibly converted to fire a laser. Please don’t bring your firearms or ammunition to any of our facilities.

Yes, there’s an age restriction. While we encourage everyone to learn how to safely handle firearms, we follow the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) guidelines as we’re under their licensing and regulations. We believe this is the safest course of action, and while shooting sports are fun, they’re also dangerous when not taken seriously. 

If you’re under 12 years old, we can’t allow you to shoot on the range. Under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and they must sign our waiver. All clients under 18 are only eligible to participate in Manticore Virtual Shooting Ranges’ services. Please contact us for further details.

The recoil of our simulated firearms is roughly 60% of a real firearm’s recoil. This is more than sufficient, as recoil only becomes critical in two areas: follow-up shots and confirmation of grip and stance.

You’ll hear the sound and see your shot on the target. The simulated firearm is designed to be as close as possible to real, but we don’t suggest completely replacing live training with simulated training.

CFT is Canada’s only commercial provider of simulated training services, but also offers live fire training services specifically catered to the armed professional including military and police agencies, as well as armed security. We also offer custom-designed scenarios for judgemental training, with real-world case studies and hyper-immersive environments.

FexCan provides immersive, simulated firing ranges for civilians and enthusiasts, primarily for entertainment purposes. FexCan doesn’t showcase targets representing people at any time to its clients due to RCMP regulations. FexCan also offers courses and events for the general public, whereas CFT services and courses are only available to law enforcement and other armed professionals.

Yes, this is a mobile service which operates in one location per day. Thanks for understanding!