Advanced Pistol Clinic – Unorthodox Shooting Positions & Movement – Saturday, July 6th 2024 – 10am-6pm – Silverdale Gun Club

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This course is a continuation building on skills from Intermediate Pistol  – building on fundamentals, safety and marksmanship. Students will add to the fundamental marksmanship techniques and principles specific to pistol handling in new situations and conditions, drawing from their holster.

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Advanced Pistol Clinic- Unorthodox Shooting Positions & Movement – Saturday, July 6th 2024 – 10am-6pm

This clinic is focused on shooting and movement from a defensive perspective. It will give students a set of techniques that can be applied to tactical or competition shooting disciplines. In order to prepare the student for new shooting circumstances, this clinic aims to expose the student to unorthodox shooting positions and situations involving moving while shooting. Students can expect to fire more than 500 rounds live.

Some shooting will occur from the ground and students should be prepared to work from the ground.

This course is to develop the skills required to be successful in dynamic environments. We encourage all students to study their discipline prior to this course.

• 7+ hours of instruction
• Course fee: Early bird price $175 (Reg. $300+ tax)
• Max course load: 12 students
• Location: Silverdale Gun Club (St. Anne, ON)
• Timings: Saturday, July 6th 2024 – 10am-6pm

Our team of  instructors includes operational experience from military and law enforcement backgrounds. This team will adapt the most effective methods from these disciplines to enable students to safely shoot in dynamic environments. We’re confident you’ll learn something new from our instructors and your skill will improve as a result.

Main Teaching Points

• *Brief* review of fundamentals – grip, stance, sight picture, trigger manipulation;

• Review of movement principles and drills;
• Shooting from retention & behind cover;
• Shooting and movement drills to mimic a tactical environment / context.

500 rounds of live pistol ammunition is required. You are required to bring your own firearms and ammunition. No handloaded ammo is allowed on the course. Rental firearms are available.

Equipment required:
– Pistol with accompanying holster & belt set up
– 500 rounds of ammunition minimum
– 3 magazines minimum
– Eye and ear protection
– Firearms license
If you have any questions please email us at for more information.

Ammunition not included. Ammunition may be available for purchase at the range. We strongly recommend you arrive with the required ammunition.

No hand-loaded ammunition permitted on our courses.


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